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EMPOWER  people to manage chronic condition through healthier lifestyle

What is Droobi Health?


A digital health management program for chronic conditions

Diabetes Prevention
Weight management
Diabetes management

Droobi is the leading digital therapeutic solution for chronic disease and wellness in Qatar and MENA region.

We offer digital programs both in Arabic and English to MANAGE diseases and BUILD wellness by modifying users’ behaviors and providing remote monitoring to improve long-term health outcomes. Using new technologies, data analysis, digital analytics and artificial intelligence, we empower users to:

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle,

  • Get the knowledge through interactive educational material,

  • Be aware of their behavior through tracking tools for blood sugar, activity, food and weight and through intervention nudges,

  • Benefit from their health coach’s support to reach their goal.

Why Droobi Health? (Clinical Outcomes)


A digital health management program for chronic conditions

A1C reduction

Weight loss

Other indicator relevant

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Success stories

- Islam Bakr, Senior Accountant 

"It's very useful for me to be able to contact an educator anytime. The information I received through Droobi was very helpful and educative."

- Fatima, Systems Architect

"It's great to have the educator giving immediate advice and support. Also, Droobi helped me improve my habit of monitoring my BGL readings daily."

 - Sara Ahmad,


“Droobi helped me change my attitude towards my diabetes. Now I monitor my blood sugar readings to keep myself aware of the help I need.” 

Rahma Saad,


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