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on 02 April 2020 by Droobi

The immune system is a well-designed system, you don’t want it to work more than normal otherwise it can lead to serious problems like auto-immune diseases. However, it is our duty to support our body systems in working to their best performance, and that is doable.

Can we boost our immune system against Corona Virus?

Breastfeeding and diabetes, what should I know?

on 26 March 2020 by Droobi

Will I be able to breastfeed if I live with diabetes?

You should always breastfeed! Diabetes might affect your ability to produce milk making the production slower, however well controlled diabetes should reduce this problem.

on 19 March 2020 by Droobi

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the newly discovered coronavirus in China. The symptoms of this disease include fever, difficulty breathing and dry cough... To prevent yourself from catching this infection, wash your hands very well before touching your face, avoid crowded places and avoid physical contact with other people. 

Staying healthy during the corona outbreak 

Will my baby have diabetes if I have gestational diabetes?

on 12 March 2020 by Droobi

Have you heard of gestational diabetes or ever experienced it? Below are few frequently asked questions regarding gestational diabetes, answered by Droobi diabetes experts.

on 05 March 2020 by Droobi

The way men and women experience diabetes is not exactly the same. Women with diabetes face a number of challenges that men would not deal with. In this week's blog, we will go over the challenges that make diabetes different in women than it is in men and the best way to cope accordingly.

Diabetes and women

Fit Diabetes into your life 

on 27 February 2020 by Droobi

life will dramatically change. You will be anxious, worried and sometimes scared, thinking that your health is now threatened by health complications and you have a lot of changes to do in your lifestyle.  

on 20 February 2020 by Droobi

How many times you have made resolutions to become healthier but only stuck with it for the first few weeks? The act of saying that we want to lose weight, get rid of our diseases and have more energy is easier than actually applying what needs to be done every single day. 

I want to change. What should I know?

Diabetes and exercise

on 13 February 2020 by Droobi

You are aware of the importance of exercise and have been for so long, yet now you may have decided to finally incorporate physical activity in your life. You don’t have a clear idea of where to start. How long to exercise… and what is safe for your condition... Don’t worry, we got you covered!

on 06 February 2020 by Droobi

Physical Activity is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. It is very important for your wellbeing and can reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

The single best thing you can do for your health

Fibers: essential part of every healthy diet 

on 30 January 2020 by Droobi

You may have heard about fibers and the importance of adding fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts to your diet, but you never really understood why fibers are so good to your health. 

on 23 January 2020 by Droobi

You might get the feeling that losing weight is very difficult, maybe impossible! You have done everything right, yet your weight on the balance is not moving. Well, you might be doing it wrong without knowing it. Here are 5 things you may be doing that hinder your efforts of losing weight.

We all make mistakes while trying to lose weight

on 16 January 2020 by Droobi

Diabetes is a challenging disease mainly because controlling it requires you to make a number of changes to your daily routine like eating well, exercising, monitoring blood glucose, managing stress, sleeping better and many others.

With Droobi, diabetes control easier than ever

on 09 January 2020 by Droobi

We hear a lot about food and its impact on blood sugars, but we don’t always get the full story.

What is blood sugar?

Blood sugar, or blood glucose, is the main sugar found in blood. Your body breaks down some of the food you eat into sugar that circulates in your blood.

How does eating affect your blood sugar?

on 02 January 2020 by Droobi

The best way to start your new year is by aiming to be Healthy!                                                

Being physically active and having healthy eating habits are a great start to help you prevent and manage diabetes. You may have been told by your doctor, asked by your family, thought about the change yourself.  

The recipe to healthy change

on 26 December 2019 by Droobi

People who have excess weight or obesity are at a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes along with many other health conditions such as : heart disease, high blood pressure, some kinds of cancer, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, gout, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, dyslipidemia...

8 ways to reach a healthy weight 

on 19 December 2019 by Droobi

In 2019, nearly 463 million adults around the world live with diabetes and 1 in 2 people with diabetes are undiagnosed. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes and is affecting more and more people of all ages.

You are not alone!

on 11 December 2019 by Droobi

Healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy is usually an exciting and life-changing period. Many milestones will be anticipated, as mommy gets to hear baby’s heartbeat at around 8 weeks, she gets to count the fingers and toes around 10 weeks 

4 steps to having a happy and healthy pregnancy

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