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Your Path to Healthy Living

A 16-week online programme to help you change your lifestyle and manage your diabetes.


Build your healthy lifestyle with support from experts and the latest technology

Discover your ideal plate

Whether your goal is to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, Droobi will help you eat the right foods in the right quantities.


Round-the-clock expert support

Communicate with your dedicated dietitian and Diabetes educator, and check your personalized content to get all the answers you need. Receive direct updates from your doctor about your condition.


The best tools to help you on your path

Track your progress towards losing weight, eating healthy, staying activity, and monitoring blood glucose with Droobi's easy to use app.

Develop your healthy habits and sustain your new lifestyle - here’s what you can expect from Droobi

Rediscover your energy and your healthy weight

Droobi will help you lose the extra pounds, and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Reduce your risks and improve your health

Your new lifestyle will help you lower your Hba1c, reducing your risk of future complications and chronic conditions.

Be empowered with knowledge for self-care

All the tools, skills, and knowledge you need to effectively and independently manage your condition. Take back control of your health.

Remote lifestyle modification program for people with chronic diseases

Tracking Tools

Lesson awareness

Personalized feedback and reporting

Health coaching

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Success Stories

"It's very useful for me to be able to contact an educator anytime. The information I received through Droobi was very helpful and educative."


- Islam Bakr, Senior Accountant 

"It's great to have the educator giving immediate advice and support. Also, Droobi helped me improve my habit of monitoring my BGL readings daily."

- Fatima, Systems Architect

“Droobi helped me change my attitude towards my diabetes. Now I monitor my blood sugar readings to keep myself aware of the help I need.” 

 - Sara, Student


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